Airless Spraying

Our qualified tradesmen have a wealth of experience in all aspects of spraying and we pride ourselves in being able to effortlessly mix modern spray techniques with the more traditional methods of decorating. With spray finishing we are able to produce an unrivalled standard of finish whilst also covering large volume areas in a relatively short time frame.
We carry a full fleet of commercial grade spray equipment including Airless, Air assisted airless and HVLP systems...we also have full access to commercial spray booths so are able to produce a wide range of finishes from bespoke items of furniture and kitchen doors through to ornamental garden furniture.
We are able to spray all sizes of property from individual rooms to full houses of any size.

On our most recent project at Darwin Lakes were able to spray eight 4 bedroom houses and also the full interior to Darwin Hall with over 1200m2 of complex ceiling lighting structures and 1800m2 of wall surfaces.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your latest projects suitability for spraying!