About Colour

Colour has the potential to become one of the most fundamental elements in your home. You can use colour to brighten up your mood, make your space look larger or smaller, or reflect more light. It can easily identify personal space for you and your family at home. For the interior, you could utilise colours already existing within your furnishings and accessories. This can make a great starting point for transforming your home.

Whilst we have worked with literally hundreds of colours over the years and will always help and advise on colour choice, we always leave the final selection up to the customer, we rarely see a wrong colour scheme, just some that work much better than others!

Alternatively, for a nominal fee, our Interior Design specialists can come to your home and offer advice and then suggest a colour scheme that suits you.

Top Tip:- Lighting!


Before re-decorating, consider the lighting your room needs

Remember! Lighting is as important as your choice for decoration.

Used well, lighting will enhance your home, adding atmosphere and personality, while poor lighting will grab attention and nullify your scheme.

Combinations of task, ambient and accent lighting give the best results, allowing flexibility according to your mood and the function of a room.


Add Value! Add Profit! / Transform your home.

With the housing market taking it's time to pick up, it is a great opportunity for home owners to add value to their property.

Long gone are the days when a home would appreciate in value just by standing there.

Any real chance of increase in your property is by making it more desirable.


Making improvements to your home will help it sell quicker & for more money!


If you have no intention of moving, there are many low cost ways to revitalise & transform your home.


Which improvements will most increase the value of your property?

According to the centre for economics & business research, the top 5 projects for adding value to your properties, in order of        importance are:-

Decorating Throughout.

Wood or Laminate Flooring.

Two Storey Extension.

Kitchen Re-Fit.

One Story Extension.

Any extension is usually a good investment, providing you spend the money wisely!


  • A professional loft conversion with en-suite, if room allows.
  • Fitted wardrobes.
  • Conservatory & double-glazing providing the style & materials are sympathetic to the property.
  • An additional washroom/toilet is also a practical & valuable addition to any home, again a good investment!

Homeowners improve rather than move!

A new RICS research (september 2011) looks at the changing trend.

Overall 48% of chartered surveyor estate agents revealed the slow sales market is prompting people to improve their properties rather than move.


Those undertaking work to their homes, 44% of surveyors reported additional bedrooms were the improvement which added the most value to their property. Traditional improvements such as adding a new bathroom or kitchen were next most valuable, at 18%.


Costs incurred for improvements will not always be covered by the potential increase in a property's value, as this depends on the quality of the work undertaken & other features, such as style & location.

What can de-value your property!

Poor tradesmen, dodgy workmanship, bodge ups, poor decorating & D.I.Y. can end up being a complete waste of time & money, so much so, the consequences of such work could de-value your property!

A reputable trade professional is essential to improve your home!

Choose workmen who carry a good reputation, public liability insurance, ask for references, qualifications / affiliated member of a national organisation. Best of all word of mouth!

It should be noted:However beautifully converted your home is, it's value will still be effected by the surrounding neighbourhood & location!